March 31, 2023

Introducing Lessons From Digital Crafting, a podcast for early-stage founders

Join us for insightful tips and inspiring conversations, as we demystify the journey from Zero to One.

Clarisa Guerra

Clarisa Guerra

Lead Marketing at Z1

Introducing Lessons From Digital Crafting, a podcast for early-stage founders

We want to help you navigate the path to building better digital products.

This is exciting! We LOVE the world of podcasting. We wrote about it in 2019, when we shared how we helped Castro or Supercast's founders design and build their platforms. We also have been invited several times to talk about digital strategy and product design in different podcasts and it's something we extremely enjoy: a good chat with interesting people, where you can just unleash your thoughts and insights feeling totally cozy.

That's why we decided to get the ball rolling with Lessons from Digital Crafting, a brand-new podcast where we meet with early-stage founders to review their journey of developing an idea into a real product launch. And we do it in the best company: interviewing some of our most beloved partners and with a delightful soundtrack provided by the band Kindata (many many thanks!).

Héctor Giner and Michelle Reid from Z1 Digital Studio

Meet our hosts

Michelle Reid, our VP of Partnerships and Growth. Observant, emphatic and very intuitive, Michelle drives the scope of our engagements, and ensures our clients have a world class collaboration with Z1 product teams. With over ten years leading growth for businesses of all shapes and sizes, she offers guidance to our partners as they move through important product and business milestones. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Héctor Giner, CEO and Cofounder of Z1. In 2015, after having worked for various software companies, Héctor realized that practically no one was thinking about users when creating digital solutions. He decided to found Z1, a digital product studio that in 2018 became part of Tiny, which includes companies like Metalab and Dribbble. Since then, Héctor has put his experience as an engineer, visual designer, and product manager into practice, helping to turn Z1 into an international reference studio made up of almost 100 digital experts. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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