November 8, 2023

Building an app off the side of your desk

We chat with Matt Stein, founder of Wheeli, about building a digital product while having a high-level executive job.

Clarisa Guerra

Clarisa Guerra

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Building an app off the side of your desk

Creating an app while working full-time may seem like a pipe dream. We acknowledge it's tricky, but it can be done!

Matt Stein, who combined his role as VP of Global Business Development of Jupiter Intelligence with the creation of Wheeli, recommends to:

  • Keep your side project efforts outside your working hours.
  • Be crystal clear about your schedule.
  • Establish feedback loops.
  • Build a highly empathetic team.
  • Take some PTO to focus on peaks (like beta testing or when the development cycle starts)

During our conversation with Matt, we also cover:

  • What are the best collaborative tools.
  • How not to get lost in an iterative process.
  • How to plan each milestone around specific budget constraints to get to the next steps.
  • The difference between choosing React or Swift.
  • Ideas to acquire early users and promotion.

Get to know our guest

Matt Stein, founder of Wheeli.

Matt is an Environmental Engineer from Stanford, driven by a passion to build and grow businesses through creating tenX customer value, designing distinctive products and commercial strategies, and architecting the right organization to execute. In 2017, he started and sold a company in the span of 24 months. It was a whirlwind. Matt had three young kids, and he had a difficult time juggling his non-work priorities.

During that time, Matt realized he needed some direction, so he hired a coach to help guide him. His coach told him to explore a method called the wheel of life: “List all your categories”, she said: “Family, work, friends... Soon, you’ll realize how this process can help you find your desired personal balance”. Matt customized the method, combining other tools, into AppSheet, and this was the seed of what has become a great app called Wheeli.

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