February 3, 2023

WeCommerce logo story: Empowering founders worldwide since 2019

We delve into the enduring significance of the logo we crafted, highlighting its resilience as the brand continues its dynamic evolution.

César Álvarez

César Álvarez

Design Director at Z1

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WeCommerce logo story: Empowering founders worldwide since 2019

The secret to creating a timeless logo is to root it in unwavering and cohesive brand principles.

In 2019, we conceptualized a distinctive and minimalist logo that serves as a testament to WeCommerce's core identity. Our creation for this Canadian brand, a prominent player listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, is emblematic of the collaborative ethos among seasoned Shopify experts, actively seeking investment, partnerships, and acquisitions of like-minded enterprises.

WeCommerce, a distinguished group of industry veterans specializing in Shopify, is dedicated to bolstering entrepreneurial spirits globally. Leveraging its presence on the TSX Venture Exchange, the company empowers merchants with an array of cutting-edge e-commerce tools, fostering the establishment and expansion of their online ventures.

WeCommerce's core identity designed by Z1.

Design philosophy and iconic elements

Our enduring logo creation for WeCommerce, dating back to 2019, stands as a steadfast representation of the brand's ethos despite the company's continuous evolution. Its design became emblematic, underscoring the paramount importance of constructing a logo rooted in unwavering and cohesive principles, serving as an authentic reflection of the brand's essence.

For me, it's important that a logo showcases an artful fusion of form and function. WeCommerce logo and its accompanying icon seamlessly complement each other or stand independently, based on the context. Drawing inspiration from growth indicators, the icon incorporates graphical representations of lines and bar graphs to symbolize WeCommerce's investments in burgeoning enterprises.

WeCommerce logo stands as a testament to the power of timeless design, symbolizing the brand's commitment to empowering entrepreneurs across the globe.

Employing a rotated grid set at a 20-degree angle, the design emanates a sense of forward momentum and upward aspiration. This innovative framework served as the bedrock for crafting an icon that bears semblance to a shopping cart—a universally recognized symbol in e-commerce. Intricately intertwined, this icon also forms the letter 'W,' accentuated by an ascending arrow, encapsulating WeCommerce's commitment to progress.

Looking forward: The evolution of e-commerce

The digital realm has irreversibly transformed our global landscape, with e-commerce emerging as a disruptive force over the past two decades. From its nascent stages to a potential contender against traditional retail paradigms, e-commerce's meteoric rise is exemplified by platforms like Shopify—the very backbone on which WeCommerce thrives.

Anticipating a dynamic trajectory, WeCommerce continues its growth trajectory, recently announcing an IPO agreement with Tiny, a member of the Z1 conglomerate. This strategic collaboration, as articulated by their leadership team, aims to establish a robust technology holding entity. Bolstered by a history of fostering profitability and generating organic growth, this venture is poised to usher in a new era of acquisitions and innovative accomplishments.

In retrospect, the WeCommerce logo designed in 2019 remains a resolute emblem of the brand's enduring principles and growth-driven vision. As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, this logo stands as a testament to the power of timeless design, symbolizing WeCommerce's unwavering commitment to empowering entrepreneurs across the globe.