April 25, 2022

A breath of fresh air in the Solar Eco Fund universe

We navigate through design trends in crypto with this new website for the leading venture capital firm in the Solana ecosystem.

Clarisa Guerra

Clarisa Guerra

Lead Marketing at Z1

A breath of fresh air in the Solar Eco Fund universe

Solar Eco Fund is one of the most active funds within the Solana community, investing across DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and Web3.

Their goal is to reach billions of users around the world, but they were facing a huge problem: their website was using outdated UX/UI trends, which resulted in a bad customer experience. They needed a deep redesign to improve these aspects, so they got in touch with us.

A purple Solana coin designed by Z1 for Solar Eco Fund website.

After analyzing the issues and working on some affinities and aversions, as well as brand personality exercises with Solar Eco Fund founder, Bill Cherman, we had a solid base to start the new web design on Figma.

Our product designer, Sara Sánchez, started creating a new layout and a design system that fit their needs. She relied on the light mode with high contrast elements based on the Solana color palette to highlight the relation with this decentralized blockchain brand, achieving a cool and stylish interface.

From abstract to tangible

Blockchain is a pretty abstract idea and it's difficult to escape the vaporware, random 3D objects, and liquid gradients invading everything in this crypto world. However, Sara converted blockchain into concepts we are more familiar with.

The Solana universe Z1 illustrated for the Solar Eco Fund website.

Inspired by the work of our colleague Fran Pulido, who has created many universes for all kinds of digital products, she designed illustrations with beautiful textures that recreate the Solana ecosystem with coins, composing a futuristic environment.